• Debtor Finance (or as it is sometimes known – Cashflow Finance, Invoice Finance or Receivables Finance) is a fast and flexible funding solution for businesses which turns outstanding customer invoices into cash. Instead of having to wait up to 90 days for customers to pay, BOQ Finance purchases the acceptable invoices and provides the business with up to 80% of their value within 24 hours.

    Debtor Finance allows businesses to have more funds to grow, by:

    • Purchasing more stock
    • Putting on more sales staff
    • Obtaining purchase discounts
    • Renegotiating settlement discounts
    • Acquiring other businesses

    We assist businesses who sell goods or services to other businesses on credit terms by helping them to:

    • Access cash within 24 hours
    • Improve cash flow for better growth management
    • Free the family home from business
    • Let your business stand on its own feet instead of the family home
    • Maximise profits by removing discounts or incentives for speedy payments
    • Have greater flexibility for other investment opportunities by not requiring real estate security

    How it works

    Debtor Finance Diagram 2  

    Debtor Finance is ideal for all kinds of businesses with good growth opportunities, limited fixed assets, restricted liquidity, seasonal sales activity, or slow paying debtors.