• Insurance Premium Funding has been available in Australia for over 25 years.

    It is a simple and effective method of paying for your annual insurance premiums on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly payment basis

    How it works is simple. BOQ Finance pays your premiums to Insurers by the due date and you pay BOQ Finance back in instalments. This includes a fixed rate credit charge. It’s just like accessing an additional line of credit outside of your current banking lines. Insurance Premium Funding is simple with the loan document organised by your insurance broker on your behalf. It can assist you with improved cash flow through no large upfront payments with low fixed interest rate and no on-going service fees.


    Premium Funding allows you to have more funds to grow by:

    • Converting your annual insurance cost into manageable instalments
    • Increasing the affordability of insurance covers recommended to you
    • Allowing you to put the cash back into your business to increase your profits
    • Protects your business by not requiring bricks and mortar for security or charges
    • Using your cashflow to take advantage of early payment discounts available with your business’ suppliers


    How it works

    Premium Funding Diagram  

    For all enquiries, please contact us on:

    Phone: 1300 078 285
    Email: cfsales@boqfinance.com.au