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The Log on screen is used to enter Internet Banking.


To log on to Internet Banking:

To log on you must enter your Customer Access Number (CAN), User ID (only if issued) and your Personal Access Code (PAC).


A User ID will not be required by all customers.  If you have not been issued with a User ID, please leave this field blank.


Your PAC must be changed the first time you log on. This will ensure that the temporary code given to you is not continued to be used. You must change your access code before you can continue to use Internet Banking.


What is a CAN, PAC and User ID?

  • Customer Access Number (CAN)
    A unique identifier for every BOQ Customer which is used in conjunction with the Personal Access Code (PAC) to authenticate your identity.  This can be up to ten digits in length.
  • User ID
    An alphanumeric code used in conjunction with the CAN to identify an Authoriser or Delegated User acting on behalf of the BOQ customer. This User ID can be up to 10 characters in length.  This User ID will not be required by all customers.
  • Personal Access Code (PAC)
    A unique alphanumeric code for every BOQ Customer which is used in conjunction with the CAN (and User ID if issued) to authenticate your identity.


Account Blocking

If you enter the incorrect PAC three times, your account will be blocked.


Using upper and lower case characters that are different to the ones used when you chose your PAC may cause this. To prevent this, please ensure that CAPS LOCK is not on either when you choose your PAC or when you logon to Internet Banking.


If your account is blocked you will need to visit any BOQ branch, or call the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72, 7 am – 7 pm local time Monday to Sunday.


Actions available:

 Button name 

Button action 

 Log on To submit your log on details and access the Internet Banking service
 Cancel To cancel the log on process and close the Internet Banking window


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