Bank of Queensland launches inaugural Banking on Queensland Kids appeal

Queensland Day (Sunday 6 June) marks the launch of the Bank of Queensland's inaugural Banking on Queensland Kids appeal which will run until 2 July.


The launch is being held at the Royal Children's Hospital and will include a free sausage sizzle as well as fun and games from 12 - 2pm and is open to all Bank of Queensland employees and your families.


Bank of Queensland prides itself on a strong community focus and has been involved in many fundraising appeals over the years.


The promotional material for the appeal shows seven-month-old Ashley from Cairns , who was born with an extremely rare cancerous tumour on the end of his left leg. At first, doctors told Ashley's parents Aaron and Andrea that the growth on their little boy's leg was an unusual birthmark. Within weeks, the growth had more than doubled in size.


Specialists immediately took a MRI scan of Ashley's leg, which showed his growth had the properties of a malignant tumour. Aaron and Andrea thought they might lose their baby son.


A biopsy was taken and tests were sent to Brisbane to be analysed. Ashley and his parents flew to the Royal Children's Hospital where doctors soon confirmed their fears. Ashley's tumour was the result of Ewings Sarcoma - one of the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.


Ashley soon underwent surgery to remove the tumour and have his left leg amputated below the knee. Following the operation, tests done on the tumour revealed it was dead, a positive sign that the chemotherapy had worked.


This brave little boy continues to receive treatment to kill any remaining cancerous cells in his body and he only has one cycle left until he can go home!


Ashley is just one of the reasons why every cent raised from the Banking on Queensland Kids appeal is important to continue making a difference to the lives of sick and injured kids throughout Queensland.

Donations to the Banking on Queensland Kids appeal can be made at any Bank of Queensland branch.