BOQ Relocates its flagship branch to new CBD location

A prestige spot of inner-city real estate at the financial headquarters end of the Queen Street Mall will be occupied by Bank of Queensland from today following the relocation of its flagship branch from Elizabeth Street to its new Queen Street location in MacArthur Central.


Managing Director David Liddy said the Bank was excited about the relocation of the branch to 255 Queen Street , which marks the first step in the Bank's move of its entire Elizabeth Street headquarters to the new BOQ Centre, which adjoins MacArthur Central.


It's an exciting time for the Bank as this is the first physical move (for the Bank) since the 10-year lease agreement was signed last December, Mr Liddy said.


The branch will almost double in size compared to its previous Elizabeth Street location and will occupy the 227 square metre retail space in MacArthur Central, he said.


This move will put Bank of Queensland head-to-head with the major bank branches across the road in Queen Street.


Head office operations will move to the BOQ Centre later this year and will occupy the top five floors of office space (floors 15 to 19), Mr Liddy said.


The number of ATMs at the new branch will also triple with one located inside MacArthur Central and two ATMs facing the busy foot traffic on Queen Street.