Bank of Queensland searches for top bankers to establish New South Wales and Victorian OMBs

Bank of Queensland has called for quality bankers who want a return to genuine customer service and an opportunity to run their own business to partner with the Bank in its Owner-Managed Branch roll-out in New South Wales and Victoria.


BOQ has already opened 21 branches in CBD and suburban Sydney and Melbourne as well as Regional New South Wales.


BOQ intends to have a total of 100 interstate and 240 branches overall by August 2006.


Managing Director David Liddy said the suburbs and towns targeted as prime sites for Bank of Queensland OMBS had been disadvantaged by other banks closing their branches over the last 20 years, and BOQ was looking to move back in and provide genuine customer service with new branches.


“We want more top quality bankers from these States to come on board, particularly those who want to return to a genuine customer service role within their local communities,” Mr Liddy said.


“Our new Owner-Managed branches in non-metropolitan New South Wales have been especially well-received, so we are particularly keen for more bankers to come on board in regional New South Wales and Victoria.


“Our Owner-Managed Branch system allows top-notch bankers to partner with Bank of Queensland in a franchise in which the bank controls key features such as credit, branding and product while encouraging the bank manager to offer genuine local service.


“The Owner-Managed Branch, which is a full-service bank, not some sort of agency, has already proved itself across three States.


“In fact, our interstate branches are proving to have, on average, 140% more approvals than a Queensland branch after an equivalent period,” Mr Liddy said.


“As our ongoing success continues to prove, Australians are looking for an alternative bank which offers genuine, friendly, personal service.


“This has been proved by recent independent customer satisfaction surveys which show 90 per cent of Bank of Queensland customers are satisfied with the service they are receiving. We are aiming to make that even higher.”


“Now we need more New South Wales and Victorian bankers to take on the challenge of returning to genuine customer service by becoming a Bank of Queensland Owner-Manager,” Mr Liddy said.


Anyone wishing to inquire about becoming an owner-manager in Victoria should contact Liam McCarthy on 0400 416 039 and in New South Wales Garry Allsopp on 0407 738 791.