Customers help build new BOQ website

Bank of Queensland today launched its sharp new website, re-built from the ground up with the help of existing and potential customers.


Managing Director David Liddy said a key focus had been on improving website content to help spread the “BOQ message” to potential customers in new markets as well as enhancing functionality for existing customers.


“The website has been rebuilt from the ground up by both customers and non-customers, in an exhaustive conception-to-completion process involving focus groups, surveys and user-testing across the three eastern states,” Mr Liddy said.


“It was conceived in part as an electronic marketing tool to reach new audiences and attract customers with its “ultra-service” offering, supporting the bank’s growing physical presence in unexplored markets.”

BOQ’s increasing points of contact include its rapidly growing branch network in NSW, Victoria and the ACT as well as Queensland, its burgeoning business banking and equipment finance operations in major cities and Australia-wide network of 2,200 ATMs.


The revamped website will complement the Bank’s high-functionality “Generation 2” internet banking platform being developed for launch next year.


Bank of Queensland’s other recent on-line project – the cheeky website which assists customers to switch banks – has been spectacularly successful, recording 40,000 hits in its first month.


“We needed a way of letting potential customers – particularly disgruntled “other bank” customers – know there is a better service alternative out there,” Mr Liddy said.


“To this end, the energetic new website livery reflects not only our focus on customers, but our reputation as a dynamic challenger organisation which does things differently.


“For example, our ‘Locate us’ feature allows customers to find their nearest BOQ branch or ATM and provides a simple map to help them find it.


“Simplified navigation will make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for and with fewer clicks, and new features will assist visually impaired to better access the site.


“The site download speed has been optimised to ensure fast accessibility for all users and this is expected to be above the industry average,” Mr Liddy said.