Dedicated Business Banking Centre opens in Cairns


Strong ongoing growth in Far North Queensland has prompted Bank of Queensland to open a dedicated Business Banking Centre in Cairns.

Complementing the city’s four BOQ branches, the Business Banking Centre at 34 Lake Street in the heart of Cairns will service the city’s growing number of small and medium businesses.

The Centre will be officially opened by the Bank’s national Group Executive Business Banking Ross Norton at a community cocktail function on 23 November.


Mr Norton said the Centre represented a considerable investment in the future of the Bank’s Cairns business, its customers and the wider Cairns community.

“Cairns has one of the fastest urban growth rates – 3.7% a year over the last 20 years – in Australia and we really want to be here to be a part of and assist in this growth,” Mr Norton said.

“We have for many years offered comprehensive business banking services via our retail branches, and we currently do around $90 million worth of business locally.

“Opening an expanded and dedicated Business Banking Centre is an indication both of the region’s strong economic growth and our commitment to it.

“Along with this growth, our business banking staff has been steadily growing for the past couple of years, making the establishment of a conveniently located facility committed to providing the best personal service to our businesses clients a logical step.

“The sorts of businesses in the region – largely small and medium businesses and light commercial – are ones which will benefit most from our focus on personal service and our ability to offer every client direct access to a personal business banking manager, not a distant call centre.

“As a specialist in the SME market, Bank of Queensland can offer a unique advantage to Cairns’ diverse range of business operations, particularly its tourism operators which comprise the second largest tourism industry in Australia,” Mr Norton said.

Bank of Queensland’s retail operation in  Cairns, which was one of its first regional branches opened, is also beginning to growth strongly, on the back of the city’s swelling population and strong real estate market.