Campbelltown gets behind its Bank of Queensland Owner-Managed Branch


Campbelltown has thrown its support behind its new Bank of Queensland Owner-Managed Branch™.

The flood of new customers, an indication of the community’s disaffection with the big banks, meant additional staff needed to be employed within weeks to cater for demand.

Local businessman Leicester Ramsey has reversed the trend of branch closures and poor banking services in the area by opening his own bank branch at 138 Queen Street.

Australia’s fastest-growing bank, Bank of Queensland has opened 40 Owner-Managed (franchised) Branches™ in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT in the past 18 months and announced it would shortly make the move into the remaining States and Northern Territory.

Mr Ramsey said it was about time banking services in Sydney’s west were given a shake-up.

“Many Australians are unhappy with long queues and poor and impersonal treatment they receive from their bank and we decided to do something about it,” he said.

“By both owning and managing a Bank of Queensland Branch, we can ensure decisions are made locally – not in George Street or in another city – and offer our customers a level of service unmatched by other banks.”

“We are a locally-owned small business, which means we can make a big difference to the service we offer our customers.  We will make damn sure they are well looked after.

“Between us, our 5-member branch team has 91 years’ experience in banking, obviously a great benefit to customers.
“We will be available for our customers whenever they need us, even after-hours, and won’t force them to use an automated call centre when they need assistance.”

Managing Director David Liddy said Bank of Queensland’s ongoing strong expansion in New South Wales and Victoria was central to its growth strategy.

“With our accelerated growth in Queensland giving us a full network in this State, it was logical to expand into the larger economies of New South Wales and Victoria to target future growth,” Mr Liddy said.

“As in Queensland, widespread unhappiness with the big banks provided us with a major opportunity to go into communities and really make a difference – and attract many of their dissatisfied customers.

“Often, we have gone into a community after the big banks have pulled out, such as in Campbelltown, but many times we have opened in communities with all the banks and have still been able to make a huge impact simply by providing genuinely superior service.

“Our unique Owner-Managed Branch model™ enables us to offer customers a level of service corporate-owned big bank branches can’t.

“Owner-Managed Branches offer the benefits of local ownership and unequalled personal service, with a full range of banking services, the second-largest fleet of ATMs in the country and the security of a 130-year-old financial institution.”