Local businessman brings service back to Erina


A local businessman will open his very own Bank of Queensland branch in Erina to take on the challenge of offering the community a fresh approach to banking.


An Erina local for more than a decade, Bank of Queensland Erina Owner-Manager Stewart Gall has created a family business like no other, which is due to open in the business hub of the Central Coast next month.


After starting his banking career on the front line at Commercial Bank Australia 37 years ago, Mr Gall hopes to show Erina how doing your banking can be like visiting any other family owned business.


“I wanted to bring genuine, exceptional service to Erina, which offers a point of difference from the three majors located nearby,” Mr Gall said. “Our customers will have the best of both worlds. They are members of a nationally successful banking organisation but have the personal service of a family business.


“Although I was happy working in a corporate branch, I saw an opportunity to better serve my customers through BOQ’s unique Owner-Managed Branches (OMB).


“Bank of Queensland’s OMB model has given me the chance to create an environment where the relationship is a strong one - this is my business, I won’t be transferred, and I’m here for the long haul,” he said.


“Both my daughter, who has more than 10 years banking and finance experience, and wife will be working with me in the branch.  My family’s livelihood really does depend on the success of the branch, and the success of the branch depends on the service my customers receive.”


Bank of Queensland’s Managing Director David Liddy said the success of the Bank’s rapid expansion outside its home state has been made possible by the unique Owner-Managed Branch (OMB) Model combined with its focus on genuine person2person customer service.
“The OMB Model works by putting local people in charge of franchised branches in the local areas – rather than importing Queenslanders to manage the branch,” Mr Liddy said.


“Owner-Managers are given incentives to build their own businesses and manage their local markets. This approach ensures that the Owner-Manager has the ability to make local decisions based on local knowledge, within the framework of the Bank’s broader risk management policies.”


The Bank now has 197 branches throughout Australia, of which 37 have been opened in regional and metropolitan NSW since July 2004.


Bank of Queensland Erina is a full service branch, offering highly competitive small and large commercial and retail products, an ATM facility, extended trading hours including Saturday morning, and internet banking.