Local bankers buy bank branch to improve services


Mount Waverley’s first franchised bank will open on Monday, 28 August 2006 as two local bankers partner with Bank of Queensland to offer the community a fresh approach to banking.


The new branch, situated at 407 Blackburn Road in the Pinewood Shopping Centre, will offer local businesses and residents something different – a locally-owned, service focused bank.

Owner-Managers of BOQ Mount Waverley, Robert Mucci and Sean VanCuylenberg, said their point of difference from the major banks would come from individual and personalised service.

“It appears that the major banks – by reducing staff numbers and minimising customer contact – have left many residents and businesses in the area searching for something different,” Mr Mucci said.

“We are our own bosses in terms of customer service and we understand the SME and local retail market after having both worked in the area for many years.

“Whether it be lending a young family money for their first home or providing funds for a local business to expand, we are able to personally focus on each and every customer to make sure their needs are met.

“We want to get to know our customers, offer them excellent solutions for their financial needs and deliver them reliably,” he said.

Bank of Queensland, with its philosophy of putting local Owner-Managers with extensive experience, local knowledge and a direct personal interest into their branches, will make a major economic contribution in the City Of Monash.

Mr VanCuylenberg said they planned to tap into the continued growth of the City of Monash and make a real contribution to the enormous future potential of the city.

“Despite the above-average SME market and the prediction there will be more than 12,600 businesses in the area by 2007, like many Australian businesses, they have largely been left to their own devices by the big banks,” he said.

“Being Owner-Managers of a bank branch is unique. It allows us to focus on the community, making decisions that best suit and benefit them.

“This different, more personalised way of banking will be a nice change as customers will have direct access to their very own bank manager - us - and are also encouraged rather than penalised for coming into the branch.

“We see a lot of potential in Mount Waverley and are here to support the development and growth of the local area as well as the wider community.”

The Mount Waverley branch, BOQ’s 73rd outside Queensland and its 213th overall, will create three local jobs.