Local banker determined to make BOQ Campbelltown number one in customer service

A local banker has purchased the BOQ branch at Campbelltown and is looking forward to making his branch number one in customer service.


Malcolm Chyla is the new Owner-Manager of the branch and said he was very excited about owning his own bank branch and was looking forward to offering customers a different service proposition to other banks in the area.

“I have done a lot of thinking about what I can offer customers that my competitors can’t, and it comes down to one thing: customer service.

“I just have to be better at it than the competition, and I think actually owning the branch will give me the incentive to go the extra mile for our customers. 

“I want to think of my branch as partnering with our customers to help them reach their financial goals.  It’s a pretty exciting idea really!”

Mr Chyla and the team at Campbelltown branch, who have more than 45 collective years of experience in banking, said he was looking forward to offering the local community a better banking experience.

“I think that the Campbelltown community should expect more with regard to their banking experience.

“For too long, people have had to put up with long queues and poor and impersonal treatment, while being driven to technological solutions that may not suit their needs.

“At the Campbelltown branch, I am looking forward to turning this idea on its head by offering our customers a whole different service proposition – and that is personal, face-to-face customer service.

“Our tellers are ‘Customer Service Officers’ in the true sense of the term – they have the authority to help our customers on the spot; they don’t just handle withdrawals and deposits.

“With the whole team being from Campbelltown, I’m delighted that our customers know our names and have our phone number – they can call us direct instead of being diverted to a call centre.  It shows that we really do want to talk to our customers.”