Role reversal at BOQ Sunnybank

There has been a reversal of roles at BOQ Sunnybank, with previous Manager Craig Broderick purchasing the branch off current Owner-Managers Robyn and Roger Taylor, who will stay on to work for Craig.

Craig has worked with Robyn and Roger at the branch in a Manager role for the past four years, and has a total of 16 years with Bank of Queensland.

So when Roger and Robyn decided to spend more time with their new grandchildren and a little less time at work, Craig jumped at the chance to buy the branch off them.

“I have been toying with the idea of buying my own branch because I think it’s a great way of combining my banking experience and my entrepreneurial streak, but I didn’t want to move away from the Sunnybank area.

“My wife and I both grew up around here and we both still have family in the area; Sunnybank is our home.

“So being able to become an Owner-Manager and stay local was absolutely ideal!

“And the absolute icing on the cake is that Robyn and Roger are going to stay on at the branch and become employees of mine, so I won’t lose their invaluable experience and customer knowledge.  It’s fantastic how it’s all worked out!”

Roger agreed, saying “It really couldn’t have worked out better for us.  Obviously Robyn and I are sad to be selling the branch as we have built up a great business here and wouldn’t want to leave our customers in the lurch.

“But we have had four grandchildren arrive in the last 18 months and we want to start enjoying that part of our lives more.  So knowing what a hard worker Craig is and that he knows all of our customers already and has a detailed understanding of their finances, really is a huge weight off our minds.”

Bank of Queensland Sunnybank is located in Sunnybank Plaza, on the corner of Mains Road and McCullough Street. Craig and his team can be contacted directly on 3345 9111.