The rediATM network


With over 3,000 rediATMs nationwide, rediATM is one of Australia’s largest ATM networks. BOQ has partnered with rediATM, as a network which provides you with access to even more ATMs across Australia. This means that not only do you have access to BOQ ATMs and rediATM’s which are BOQ branded, but can also use any of the other rediATMs across Australia with no ATM fees.


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ATM Features

With a large 15 inch touch screen, banking with us is made even easier. Plus, we have enabled audio guidance for visually impaired customers...


Feature 4
Real Time Cash & Cheque Deposits

Do your banking at a time that suits you. With BOQ ATMs you can deposit your cash and cheques whenever you like. No waiting for the bank to open to deposit your cash.

Feature 5
Better Card Reader Security

Our ATMs have a different card reader that is not only more secure, but also means cards are not captured by the ATM.

Feature 6
Improved Usability and Reliability

We have improved the security and fraud protection in our machines. Plus, you’ll get faster transaction times and greater reliability.


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Tips for Depositing Cash and Cheque

Feature 1
Preparing deposits

Separate cash deposits into bundles of 40 and cheque deposits into bundles of 30. Only Australian notes and local cheques are accepted.

Feature 2
At the ATM

Remove envelopes and objects such as paper clips, pins and coins. If depositing cash and cheques, deposit your cash first, then followed by cheques.

Feature 3
Making a deposit

Confirm you have chosen the right account. Cash deposits will be credited to your account instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the way we use the new ATMs change?

There will be a change to the way we use the ATMs in our branches as we are introducing a new ‘Touch Screen’ ATM. Instead of pushing buttons, all you need to do is touch the icon you wish to use on the screen.


2. Will you still need an envelope to deposit cash or cheques at the new ATMs?

No. Envelopes are no loger required to deposit cash or cheques at the new ATMs.


3. When are cash and/or cheques credited to the account?

Cash deposits are credited as cleared funds to account balances immediately. The value of the cheque deposits will be updated into accounts but funds will not be cleared as they are subject to cheque clearance times.

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