Self Managed Super Options

Control your retirement investment with SMSF

Having the power to decide how you'd like your retirement nest egg invested is one of the great benefits of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).


At BOQ, we understand a wide range of banking options are necessary to effectively manage your super. That's why we offer a range of competitive products tailored to suit your self managed super needs.


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What are your options?

Our SMSF products are designed to help you effectively manage your self managed super investment, ranging from loans, investments, transactions and insurance. 



Everyday Business Account

A full service, cost-effective transaction account that can be used as a centralised hub to facilitate payments for your self managed super fund.


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Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds allow for seamless data transfers between your SMSF account and your accountant, saving you time and reducing paperwork.


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Saving & Investing 

BOQ Superannuation Savings Account

An online savings account designed specifically for the cash component of a self managed superannuation fund. It offers a competitive at-call interest rate on accounts with at least $10,000, and includes unlimited direct debit functionality.


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Premier Investment Account

Our Term Deposit Account offers competitive fixed rates for fixed terms.


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Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds allow for seamless data transfers between your SMSF account and your accountant, saving you time and reducing paperwork


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BOQ Trading Platform

BOQ Trading is a user friendly online service to help manage your share portfolio.


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SMSF Limited Recourse Loans

Our SMSF limited recourse loans are designed for the purchase of a single asset including arms length residential investment property or commercial investment property.


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Landlord Insurance

Insurance specifically tailored to protect your residential investment property and contents, with an option to cover for malicious damage and loss of rent.


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Business Insurance

This insurance cover is available to protect your commercial business premises.


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Term Life Insurance

Insurance that can potentially cover self managed super fund members by paying an agreed lump sum benefit in the unfortunate event of death.


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Talk to your local Owner-Manager today!

Managing your super fund banking shouldn't have to be a big effort. That's why at BOQ, we have Owner-Managers who will talk to you about the right products and services for your self managed super fund. And because they own and run their branch, they will provide the type of personal service you deserve and expect.

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