Bridging Finance Loan

Buy your next home before selling your current one

When you've found your dream home, there's no need to wait. Our Bridging Finance Loan gives you the opportunity to buy your new home before selling your existing home, or to stay in your current home when you're building a new one. 


It's a flexible, short-term loan designed to bridge the gap between your existing home loan, and your new one.


How to apply

Features and Benefits

Loan termShort term/temporary facility
Minimum loan amountNo minimum loan amount
Repayment optionsFlexible so you can pay any amount, as long as the balance stays within the credit limit.
Low Doc OptionNo
Eligibility     Individuals and joint applicants only 
Internet BankingYes
Account access
  • Bank of Queensland branches 
  • A vast network of ATMs
  • Cheque book


Bridging Finance Interest Rates

Interest rate
Reference rateCome-n-Go Line of Credit Rate
Current rateThe current rate is available on the Today's rates page.

Fees and Charges

Application fee


Agreed Credit Advance Fee

0.25% of approved overdraft limit

Charged quarterly 

How to apply

Important information

Please view the terms and conditions listed below and on the Terms and Conditions page: