Equipment and vehicle finance

Whether you want to lease your equipment, salary package your vehicle or are looking for a short-term finance solution, we have a full suite of funding options available to suit your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Spreading repayments out over the life of the equipment
  • No capital outlay
  • Structured repayments to suit your cash flow
  • Repayments may be tax deductable*


How to apply


Leasing is an accepted and well-established form of equipment financing enabling businesses to access equipment and technology which may not have been available through more traditional forms of finance.

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Rental agreement and operating lease

Under a rental operating lease agreement the lessor retains substantially all the risks and benefits incidental to ownership of the leased property. Generally the term of the lease is for a period less than the effective life of the property.

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Revolving limit

A Revolving Limit or a Bulk Limit is a credit limit which is established for a client against which it can draw funds for the financing of goods under finance products offered by BOQ Equipment Finance Limited, without the need for further approval at the time of each draw-down.

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Specific Security Agreement

A Specific Security Agreement (formally known as Chattel Mortgage) is an agreement whereby the Borrower allows BOQ Equipment Finance Limited to take a legal charge over goods to secure due performance of an advance made to the borrower. Title to the goods remains with the Borrower.

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Novated lease

Novated leases only apply to motor vehicles. A Novated lease arrangement is typically an agreement between three parties, a finance company (Lessor), an employer (Payee) and an employee (Lessee).

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Lease/CHP escrow

A Lease or Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) Escrow facility provides interim finance to allow progress payments on equipment being constructed/installed over a period of months to be made on behalf of the lessee or hirer.

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Commercial Hire Purchase

Commercial Hire Purchase is similar to a finance lease in that substantially all the risk and benefits relating to ownership reside with the hirer.

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