Lease/CHP escrow


A Lease or Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) Escrow facility provides interim finance to allow progress payments on equipment being constructed or installed over a period of months to be made on behalf of the lessee or hirer.



  • The lessee/hirer enters into an Escrow agreement with BOQ Equipment Finance Limited.
  • Under this agreement, BOQ Equipment Finance Limited will make progress payments for the goods upon receipt of authorisation from the lessee/hirer.
  • When the lessee/hirer is satisfied with the construction/delivery of the goods, they enter into a standard Lease or Commercial Hire Purchase Agreement with BOQ Equipment Finance Limited.

Fees and charges

There are associated Government charges and costs, which may vary from state to state, in addition to our fees and charges.


How to apply

To apply for an equipment loan visit one of our convenient locations or call one of our friendly customer service consultants on 1300 55 72 72.