Leasing is an accepted and well-established form of equipment financing enabling many businesses to access equipment and technology which may not have been available through more traditional forms of finance.


Features and benefits

  • finance is generally for the full price of the asset
  • allows the lessee to budget exactly for the fixed rental payments and may provide a buffer against inflation and rising interest rates
  • rental payments over the term of the agreement can be tailored to fit particular income streams, an advantage to businesses with a high level of seasonal income
  • depending on how the asset is used, rental payments may be deductible from pre-tax earnings, however, independent taxation advice should be sought on this and all taxation matters



There may be more advantages to the business in owning the asset and claiming depreciation where the goods attract a high depreciation rate. In such circumstances, the hire purchase finance package we offer may be more appropriate. You should see your own tax advice on this and all issues from your taxation adviser.

Fees and charges

There are associated Government charges and costs, which vary from State to State, in addition to our fees and charges. 


How to apply

To apply for an equipment loan visit one of our convenient locations or call one of our friendly customer service consultants on 1300 55 72 72.