Farm Management Deposit Accounts

A tax-effective bank account for farmers and primary producers

If you're a primary producer within the farming industry, our Farm Management Deposit accounts can help you make the most of seasonal fluctuations. 


Our Farm Management Deposit accounts provide primary producers with the opportunity to shift pre-tax primary production income from years when it is needed least to years when it is most needed, helping you to manage exposure to adverse economic events and seasonal fluctuations.


Features and Benefits

  • Variable at-call and fixed rate accounts available.
  • No monthly account maintenance fees.
  • View your account balance for up to 12 months through internet banking.
  • Unlimited free branch withdrawals, minimum of $1,000 applies.
  • Choose your account statement cycle (monthly, quarterly, annually or daily).


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Farm Management Deposit - Fixed  

  • A fixed term Farm Management Deposit that pays competitive interest 
  • Wide choice of terms, starting from 28 days to five years
  • Choose when you receive your interest payments - either monthly or end of term
  • Easy reinvestment, with automatic rollover at maturity for your choice of term (unless you’ve given us other instructions). You can choose the new lodgment term in advance. If you prefer, we’ll notify you before your investment matures so you can make your choice based on current interest rates.
  • Interest is paid directly into another nominated account held by you with BOQ or another Australian Financial Institution
  • Make deposits and withdrawals to your account during the 7 day renewal grace period, day 1 is the maturity date (minimum deposit/withdrawal amount of $1,000 applies)
  • Access your funds prior to maturity, by simply providing 31 days prior notice to redeem your account early (an interest adjustment applies).
  • You must provide 31 days’ notice for early withdrawal or termination before your fixed term Deposit Account matures.
  • Minimum investment amount and account balance is $1,000 


Farm Management Deposit - At Call

  • A minimum balance of $1,000 is required and any additional deposit or withdrawal must be a minimum of $1,000
  • The account must not be held by two of more individuals jointly or on behalf of two or more individuals.
  • ATM/EFTPOS, Cheque book facility, Direct Debits and Transfer Orders are not permitted on this account.


Interest Rates

Interest is calculated on daily balances and credited to your account in line with your payment instructions (fixed account) or the last day of each month (at-call).


The current interest rates are available on the Today's rates page# 


How to Apply

Important Information

Please view the terms and conditions and fees and charges listed below on the Terms and Conditions page:


Government charges may be payable.