Foreign Exchange Hedging

Minimise FX risks

Foreign Exchange rates fluctuate, and can negatively impact your business. BOQ has a range of products and services that can help mitigate these risks and assist in your FX hedging requirements.

Businesses that could benefit from FX hedging and or Foreign Currency Accounts (FCA’s) include: 

  • Importers or exporters of goods and services
  • Businesses that receive or send foreign exchange funds
  • Businesses that want greater certainty around cash flow planning and budgeting. 

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Forward Exchange Contracts (FECs)

An FEC is an agreement to buy (or sell) a fixed amount of foreign currency at a fixed exchange rate on an agreed future date. The date is usually chosen to align with a scheduled payment you expect to make or receive. 


Establishing an FEC gives you certainty over the amount of Australian dollars that you will pay or receive in return for a fixed amount of foreign currency on that future date.


Unsecured Foreign Exchange   

BOQ’s unsecured foreign exchange facility allows your business to transact FEC’s without the need for supporting collateral. Specifically for Small to Medium Business, it is designed for simplicity and ease of establishment and unlike non-bank financial institutions, BOQ do not require an initial deposit or ongoing margin requirements. 


Foreign Currency Options

BOQ offers Foreign Currency Options for approved customers in all major currencies. A Foreign Currency Option enables you to protect your business from adverse exchange rate fluctuations whilst allowing you to take advantage of any favourable movements.

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