How to be sure you're dealing with us

Please follow this advice to be sure you are always dealing with us: 

  • always access International Trade Enabler by typing into your web browser, and follow the directions to International Trade Enabler, never by following a link
  • always ignore any email or other communication to the contrary
  • we will never contact you with an invitation to visit our web site or ask you to disclose your User Name and Password.

There have been cases at other financial institutions where hackers have sent communications to customers that appear real, even carrying the logo of the financial institution but are actually forged. By doing this the hackers trick customers into disclosing their username and password.


To be certain you are dealing with the Bank of Queensland International Trade Enabler - click on the padlock displayed at the bottom of your browser window and a certificate (refer to the example below) will be displayed. 


In providing International Trade Enabler – Bank of Queensland use internet facilities provided by Trade Solutions Group, Inc. through their website Bizcurrency.


When viewing our online International Trade Enabler certificate always ensure that:

  1. it has been ‘issued to’
  2. the 'issued by' section refers to
  3. the date specified is within a valid date range

Trade Enabler Bizcurrency SSL Certificate Information 


The above image shows that you are dealing with the Bizcurrency and therefore Bank of Queensland International Trade Enabler and that your User Name and Password will be secure as they cross the Internet.  If the certificate details differ from this, do not login as you may not be connecting directly to the Bank of Queensland’s website.  If you encounter this problem, please contact us immediately.