International Trade Enabler

Online Security

Your online security is important to us. We have put together a robust solution to protect your information.  Some of the security measures we have implemented include:

  • All transactions on International Trade Enabler are encrypted using 128 bit SSL encryption. This protects your User Name, Password and all sensitive information from being accessed by an unauthorised person. We are constantly changing large session keys.
  • Authentication and sessions are managed from the Bank's provider of International Trade Enabler.
  • Passwords are required to be complex to minimise the chance of their being compromised. If multiple 'guessing' attempts are detected, access to International Trade Enabler will automatically lock for a period of time to prevent unauthorised access.
  • The computer network is protected by multiple firewalls of different types and all systems are regularly maintained, audited and scrutinised to actively prevent any unauthorised access from the Internet.  Host and network based intrusion detection systems are employed.
  • All International Trade Enabler sessions have an automatic time out feature to protect your privacy.