Business Bank Accounts

A business bank account for your everyday banking, transactions and industry needs 


Whether you're looking for a low fee everyday bank account for your business expenses, a business savings account that earns you interest, or a combination of the two, BOQ has a business bank account that suits your needs. 


We also have industry specific bank accounts for Self Managed Super Funds, Not for Profits, Trust Accounts for Solicitors and Real Estate Agents


No matter what your bank account requirements are, our Business Owner Managers are here to help you choose the best option for your business. Get in touch and find out the BOQ’s relationship banking difference.


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Business Transactions Accounts

Everyday Business Account

Get more out of your business bank account with low fees

A low fee business transaction account that provides a flexible way to manage business finance and expenses.



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Business Management Account

Earn interest on your business transaction account

Our premium business transaction account earns you interest on your entire monthly balance over $50,000.


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Business Savings Accounts

Online Business Savings Account

Earn high interest on your business online savings account

Our online business savings account delivers healthy returns on balances over $10,000 but doesn't tie up your working capital, with no monthly account keeping fees and unlimited transfers.


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Superannuation Savings Account

Make the most of your Self Managed Superannuation Fund

Earn interest on full balances over $10,000 on the cash component of your Self Managed Superannuation Fund. No account keeping fees and unlimited credits.


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Premier Investment Account

High interest term deposit account

Our premier investment account pays higher rates of interest on funds invested from one month to five years. Minimum investment amount is $1,000.


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Investment Bonds

Secure, fixed term investment bonds for up to 5 years

Our fixed term deposit bonds pay a competitive rate of interest, with a range of lodgement terms and interest payment periods.


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Industry Specific Bank Accounts

Community Banking Solutions

Tailored banking for not-for-profits

Our Community Banking Options is tailored to help your not-for-profit organisation both save money, manage day to day funds, improve cash flow and earn extra interest on any surplus funds.


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Farm Management Deposit Accounts

Tax-effective bank account for primary producers 

Our Farm Management Deposit Accounts help you make the most of seasonal fluctuations, by shifting your pre-tax dollars where you need it the most.


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Real Estate Trust Accounts

For real estate agents in QLD or NSW
Investment and statutory trust accounts for real estate agents in Queensland or New South Wales, who hold clients money in trust. At-call and fixed term accounts available.


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Solicitors Trust Accounts

Controlled Money & Trust Accounts

For solicitors in Queensland or New South Wales for holding clients money in trust. At-call and fixed term accounts available.


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If you cannot see your transaction account on this page, your product may be discontinued. Please contact your local branch if you require details on your existing product.

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