Debtor Finance

Access your cashflow finance tied up in invoices

Debtor Finance offers a fast and flexible cashflow finance solution for businesses which turns outstanding customer invoices into cash. Instead of having to wait up to 90 days for customers to pay, BOQ purchases the acceptable invoices and provides the business with up to 80% of their value within 24 hours. 


If you run a business selling goods or services to other businesses on credit terms, debtor finance can help your business to grow and maintain cashflow.


Making money is one thing, but having it available is a different matter altogether. BOQ Debtor Finance makes getting on with business easier by offering unique cashflow finance solutions.

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Features and Benefits

Accelerated cash flowInstead of waiting anywhere from 30 to 90 days for your debtors to pay, get access to your unpaid invoices within 24 hours 
Higher level of funding compared to traditional cashflow productsAccess up to 80% of the invoiced value, with the remaining balance available upon payment of the full invoice amount by your debtor
Funding directly linked to salesUnlike traditional finance products such as a Business Overdraft where funding is set at a fixed limit, Debtor Finance is directly linked to your accounts receivables so funding levels can grow with your business
Stay focused on running your businessStop chasing debtors for payment and start concentrating on running your business
Strengthen your purchasing powerMaximise your profits by removing discounts or incentives for speedy payments, or negotiate more favourable terms with your suppliers
Property not required as securityAllows you to utilise your assets for other investment purposes
Option of a Confidential facilityYour debtors don't need to know we purchase your invoices
Personalised service     Your own local Bank Manager with a direct phone number you can talk to


Interest Rates

The debtor finance base rate is available on the Business finance interest rates page.

Fees and charges

  • Application fee may apply.
  • A service charge is applicable.
  • Normal credit assessment criteria apply.

The full list of fees and charges can be viewed in the Business Banking Guide to Fees and Charges. 

How to apply

Important Information

Please view the terms and conditions listed below on the Terms and Conditions page: 

Full terms and conditions are available at any branch of Bank of Queensland.