Mail/Telephone Order Facility


In conjunction with your existing manual or EFTPOS merchant facility you may apply for a mail order/telephone order (MO/TO) facility. This enables you to accept all major credit cards either over the telephone or via mail order.


When processed in this manner they are recognised as ‘cards not present’ transactions (i.e. the card is not present to be swiped, imprinted and signed for). It is a convenient method for accepting payment, but is considered an additional risk to you the merchant, due to the risk of a chargeback occurring. This facility is offered to approved merchants only.


Please note 

When applying for the MO/TO facility you will be required to supply detailed information about your business to your Branch Manager or Business Banking Manager.

How to apply

Your local Branch Manager or Business Banking Manager will require the following information to process your MO/TO application:

  • business name
  • nature of business
  • length of time business has been active
  • facility required
  • current banking relationship with us
  • merchant relationships with other banks
  • sales volumes (i.e. credit card and debit card turnover and number of transactions per month – statements are preferable)
  • current mail order/telephone order sales
  • customer contact details
  • proof of registered business/merchant name
  • proof of trading and postal address
  • merchant statements provided (number provided)
  • financials (i.e. loan submission or Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements)
  • business plan
  • percentage of total turnover of MO/TO transactions
  • evidence of merchant facility with another financial institution


Visit your nearest branch or call our Merchant Help Desk on 1800 068 427.


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