Business Privileges Package


The Business Privileges Package recognises your value and rewards you with ongoing benefits.


To qualify for a Business Privileges Package you just need an Everyday Business Account and a Business Term Loan or Business Line of Credit ($1,000,000 or less) with Bank of Queensland.


Features and benefits

The Business Privileges Package provides you with the ability to package additional products and services to suit your particular business needs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s through financing for equipment, a greater control of your cash flow or finding a way to leverage your banking for business growth.


You can select from the following optional products and services:

  • Business Overdraft (linked to your Everyday Business Account)
  • Equipment Finance Master Limit
  • Merchant Facility
  • Internet Banking


Business Privileges

No matter which products you bundle with your Business Term Loan or Business Line of Credit and Everyday Business Account, you will only pay one application fee under the Business Privileges Package, other benefits include:


Business Term Loan or Business Line of Credit 

0.15% p.a. interest rate discount.

No Monthly Loan Service Fee

Save up to $1,500 p.a.* Available for variable or new fixed rate loans.

Save up to $180 p.a. on your Business Term Loan or up to $300 p.a. on your Business Line of Credit.

Everyday Business Account

No monthly Account Maintenance Fees, regardless of your account balance.

Save up to $120 p.a. on your Everyday Business Account.


* Savings based on a Business Term Loan or Business Line of Credit of $1,000,000


Optional Privileges

The more you package the more you may save.


Business Overdraft 

linked to an Everyday Business Account.

No Business Overdraft Application Fee.

No quarterly Agreed Credit Advance Fees, regardless of your overdraft limit.

Savings of 0.75% of the approved overdraft limit.

Quarterly fee savings of 0.25% of the approved overdraft limit.

Equipment Finance Master Limit

No documentation fee the first time you transact on your Master Limit.

Savings of up to $550.

Merchant Facility

No Application Fee.

Savings of $82.50 on each merchant established.

Internet Banking

Added Convenience.

  • SMS Alerts
  • Dual Authorisations
  • More payment options


To qualify

You must maintain an Everyday Business Account and a Business Term Loan or Business Line of Credit of $1,000,000 or less with Bank of Queensland and pay the annual package fee when due.


Fees and Charges

Annual package fee: $400.00

Application fee: 0.75% of the approved limit applies (minimum $900)


Important information

Please view the terms and conditions listed below on the Terms and Conditions page:


Applicable terms and conditions:

  • Business Transaction and Investment Accounts Terms and Conditions
  • Business Banking Guide to Fees and Charges
  • Business Lending Supplementary Terms and Conditions
  • Merchant Facilities Terms and Conditions