Switching to BOQ

It’s easy to switch your banking to BOQ, personal customers only need to go into our Branch, setup a new account and we will help you move your existing direct debits and credits like salaries and automatic bill payments.


You will be asked to complete a Switch of Regular Payments Arrangements Form and this will be sent to your existing financial institution. Your existing financial institution will supply a list of all your existing direct debit and direct credits, and you have the opportunity to transfer these to BOQ, without the need to write to inform your current direct creditor or debitor of your new bank account details.


For business customers, there is a simple letter template which can be completed and provided to your current direct debtors.


What do you need to get started?

  1. Your BOQ transaction account number and BSB;
  2. Your old bank account number and BSB;
  3. The list of all your automatic direct credits and debits such as phone bill, electricity bill, salary payments etc;
  4. The list of businesses (and their addresses if you want to write to them individually) who automatically transfer these funds;

Don't have a BOQ account yet?

We've compiled some comparison tables of our account features so you can quickly glance at the best account for you. When you've chosen the best account you can apply at one of our branches.


Need help?

If you can’t remember all your direct debits and credits, just ask your old bank. They must provide you with details of all your direct debit and credits transactions over the past 13 months on request.

Your local BOQ branch staff are also available to assist you. Or you can contact our customer contact centre on 1300 55 72 72.

Once they are set up, you can monitor all your direct credits and debits through BOQ Internet Banking.

You may also wish to refer to our FAQ's on account switching.