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    Order Foreign Currency Online and Pick up from any BOQ BranchGet a Prepaid Travel Money Multi-currency Cash Passport card at any BOQ Branch

    Order and pick up Foreign cash in 4 easy steps:

    • Choose what currency you need and how much
    • Pick a BOQ branch near you
    • Choose a date for pickup
    • Pay using BPay or a credit card

    Note: Please be sure you take the photo ID you use as a part of your order and your credit card (if applicable) as well as a copy of your order when you go to collect your foreign currency at the branch. Once at the branch it will take only a couple of minutes to collect your order and you will be on your way.Get a Cash Passport

    Get a Cash Passport

    The Multi-currency Cas Passport is a pre-paid PIN protected travel money card enabling you to obtain local currency from over 2.1 million Mastercard® ATMs around the world and millions of EFTPOS terminals. It's a safer, more convenient way to access cash overseas. Purchase a Multi-Currency Cash Passport in store, at any BOQ Branch.
    Find out more about Cash Passports.  

    Need Travel Money Last Minute?

    Some of our branches hold stocks of foreign currency for immediate sale. If the currency exchange isn't available immediately, your local branch can order any of the 50 different currencies, which you can collect within 24 to 48 hours.

    For foreign currencies we sell to you, we charge 1% of the AUD value with a minimum fee of $5 per currency. or currencies we purchase from you there is a repurchase fee of $5 per currency.

    Find your local branch. 

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