• Day2Day Plus Account®


    The BOQ Day2Day Plus Account® puts its money where its mouth is.


    How often do you open your wallet and think - ‘I just love my bank’? Open a BOQ Day2Day Plus Account® and you’ll discover this weird and wonderful emotion.


    Features and benefits

    • there are no monthly account maintenance fees. Good start.
    • there’s free unlimited BOQ transactions through rediATMs, EFTPOS and cheques (cashed or written)* and all the usual thingummyjigs like Internet and Mobile Banking. Not bad either.
    • then there’s the flexible overdraft^ and
    • free Visa Debit Card access for up to four card holders. Super cool. Did we mention you can access your cash everywhere VISA is accepted? We have now.

    Apply online

    Apply online now

    By phone

    1300 55 72 72 


    Existing BOQ Internet Banking users can request a new Day2Day Plus Account® from within Internet Banking. Alternatively, you can apply online, visit your nearest branch or call our friendly customer service consultants on 1300 55 72 72. 

    Interest rates

    Interest is variable and subject to change without notice. Calculated daily and paid monthly. The current rates applicable to this account are available on the Today's rates page.

    Fees and charges

    Please view the terms and conditions listed below on the Terms and Conditions page: