General banking and finance terms

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ABA - the Australian Bankers' Association.


ASIC - the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. 



Bank - a corporation authorised by law to carry on the general business of banking in Australia, and that is authorised under the Banking Act 1959 to use the word “bank” or a similar expression in its name.


Banking service - any financial service or product provided by us in Australia to you: (a) including any financial service or product provided by us whether supplied directly or through an intermediary; and (b) in the case of a financial service or product provided by another party and

distributed by us, extends only to our distribution or supply of the service or product to you and not to the service or product itself.


BFSO - Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman Ltd (ABN 48 050 070 034). 


BPAY - an Australian service that provides a way to pay bills online or through phone banking through your financial institution (e.g. Bank of Queensland). Companies registered with BPAY will have their own BPAY number that they provide on their bills along with the customer reference number so that customers can use these numbers to pay their bills.


BPAY ViewTM - is an electronic bill payment service that, once you have registered with a Biller, allows you to view a bill electronically through the Enhanced Internet Banking from that Biller.


BSB - a code which identifies the bank and branch at which an account is held. BSB stands for Bank/State/Branch. For example, BSB 124-001 is Bank of Queensland (12) located in Queensland (4), being branch number 001.


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Debit User - a person who, by agreement with the customer, issues debit payment instructions through their financial institution for distribution to the relevant customer’s financial institution.


Direct Debit - an amount debited to a specified account of a customer with the customer’s financial institution, as requested and authorised in writing by that customer, to and in favour of a debit user (or to a third party in its capacity as agent for that named debit user) which is processed through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System.


Direct Debit Request - an authority and request to debit amounts to a specified account of a customer with the customer’s financial institution, given in writing by that customer to and in favour of a debit user or their agent.





EFTPOS - the abbreviation for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. EFTPOS allows a business to sell goods and services and allow customers to withdraw cash, using at ATM card.



Owner Managed Branch - a branch of the Bank of Queensland that is owned and operated by an independent third party as our authorised representative.


Small business - a business having:(a) less than 100 full time (or equivalent) people if the business is or includes the manufacture of goods; or (b) in any other case, less than 20 full time (or equivalent) people, unless the banking service is provided for use in connection with a business that does not meet the elements in (a) or (b) above.


Standard fees and charges - fees and charges normally charged by us in respect of a banking service.



Terms and Conditions - those terms and conditions specifically applied by us to a banking service but does not include any other terms and conditions that may apply by operation of law.


Third Party Mortgage - a mortgage or charge given for the purpose of securing: (a) any financial accommodation provided by us to an individual or a small business; or (b) a Guarantee, other than such a security which contains a personal undertaking by the mortgagor to pay

the secured money.



URL- a Universal Resource Locator.


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