Home and Contents Insurance

Our home and contents insurance is packed with features, and we think you’ll love it. Just to be sure you can get the right cover, we have two great levels of insurance – Home Extra and Home Elite. They both cover the really important things that we think are essential – floods, reasonable home rebuilding costs, accidental breakage of glass, new-for-old cover on all contents, visitors’ contents (up to $750) and all the other bits and pieces you’d expect of home and contents insurance.

Vero Home Elite gives you a little bit more though, automatically covering valuable items like mobile phones, jewellery, sunglasses and more. It also covers your contents for accidental loss or damage.

Best of all, we’ll give you a discount of 5% if you combine your building and contents cover on a single policy and we’ll give you a discount of 20% if you’re over 55 and no longer working full time. That’s great home and contents insurance.


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Features and benefits


Vero Home Extra 

Vero Home Elite 

No extra premium charge to pay monthly (other bank fees and charges may apply)



Flood cover



Cover reasonable costs for rebuilding and related expenses such as demolition, removing debris, and architect fees up to 10% of the sum insured



Accidental breakage of glass



Provide new-for-old cover on all contents



Electrical motor burnout cover



Food and medication spoilage up to $1,000



Home office equipment cover up to $10,000



Fatal injury compensation of $10,000



Vet costs for pets injured in road accident up to $500



Cover for visitors’ contents up to $750



Option to cover valuable items such as mobile phones, jewellery, sunglasses covered for loss or damage anywhere in Australia and New Zealand



Valuable items such as mobile phones, jewellery, sunglasses etc automatically covered anywhere in Australia and New Zealand for loss or damage (limits apply)

No # 


Accidental loss or damage cover for all your contents



Automatically included with your policy is coverage of up to $20 million for public liability



If you choose to combine your building and contents cover on a single policy, we will reward you with a discount of 5%



If you are over 55 and no longer working full time, you are eligible for a discount of 20%




# Can be included as an optional cover


Home insurance - covers your house, any fixtures or home improvements including garages against the following insured events:  damage from storm, rain or flood, fire or explosion, theft, attempted theft or malicious damage, escape of liquid, collision or a falling tree or branch, lightning, earthquake, or damage from riot or civil commotion. 


Contents insurance - new for old replacement cover for your furniture, furnishings, household goods, electrical appliances, clothing and personal belongings against the insured events above.


Personal valuables - covers you anywhere in Australia and New Zealand for loss or accidental damage to your valuables and personal possessions, such as jewellery, watches, cameras, mobile phones and some sporting equipment.


Elite cover - need accidental damage cover? Secure™ Home Elite Insurance policy has you covered. Secure™ Home Elite provides accidental loss or damage cover for Home, Contents, or both.

How to apply

To obtain a quote, we ask you:

  1. To select the amount of cover you require
  2. Based on your choice of cover, we will ask for some further details
  3. Your premium is calculated based on the summary of your details and the features of the cover you have selected.


We can insure your home on-line if:

  • Your home is used for domestic purposes only 
  • Your home is in good condition and well maintained 
  • Your home is not under construction 
  • Your home is not occupied by 5 or more unrelated persons
  • Your home is currently occupied 
  • But not if your home is over 100 years old, in which case you should call us as we may still be able to help.


Important information

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