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We have a range of home loan options available to help you find one that is right for you. Plus, all BOQ home loans come with the personal service our customers love, which includes an on-demand manager who’s there for you when you need them.


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Clear Path Variable Home Loan

Our Clear Path variable rate home loan offers a competitive interest rate and all the features you’d expect from a home loan. Plus, there’s no application fee and you get the full benefits of flexible repayments, mortgage offset, redraw and more.


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Standard Variable Home Loan

This is your traditional home loan option. Interest rates go up or down according to market changes but you get maximum flexibility with your repayment and redraw options, as well as the full range of home loan features. The Low Documentation option is available on this loan.

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Economy Home Loan

BOQ's Economy Variable Rate Home Loan gives you the flexibility you're looking for with free redraw and a choice of repayment options, all on a low interest rate. Plus you can pay off your home loan sooner with unlimited additional repayments.

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Fixed Rate Home Loan

If you want to protect yourself against possible interest rate rises, our fixed rate home loan may be the answer. We offer fixed rate loan terms from 1 to 5 years and your fixed repayment amount is determined at the start of the fixed rate period. The Low Documentation option is available on this loan.

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Line of Credit Facility

The Line of Credit facility is designed for the serious investor – you'll have access to an instant line of credit of $25,000 or more. So you can take advantage of those ‘don't miss' personal investment opportunities. The Low Documentation option is available on this facility.

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Home Loan Privileges Package

This is the complete home loan and banking package that rewards you with benefits and savings that last for the full term of your loan. You can enjoy discounted interest rate benefits as well as fee savings on your everyday banking.

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Bridging Finance Loan

This is the loan that you can use if you find your new property before you sell your existing one or if you want to stay in your current home whilst building your new home. You have maximum flexibility with your repayments until the sale is completed, and your loan will then convert to an ongoing facility of your choice.

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Low Doc Home Loan

Low Doc home loan option is a flexible financing solution for the self-employed who have income and assets, but may not have the usual paperwork like financial statements or tax returns ready at the time of application. You don't have to provide standard income verification documents when applying for this loan. This option is available on a Standard Variable Rate Home Loan, Line of Credit or Fixed Rate Home Loan.

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First-Start Home Loan

This is the loan for people purchasing their first home. There is a discount in the Standard Variable Housing Rate for the first 12 months to help you budget and get into the habit of paying off a home loan.

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