International Trade Enabler

International Trade Enabler is BOQ's online trade management system where BOQ customers can:

  • establish and amend import documentary letters of credit
  • monitor letters of credit transactions 
  • monitor other international trade transactions.


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What can I do on International Trade Enabler?

Trade Enabler users can:

  • monitor due dates and the amounts for import and export collections 
  • monitor expiry dates for relevant (marine or air cargo) insurance policies for import letters of credit 
  • monitor any other transactions on International Trade Enabler in the future. 

If you have a trade finance facility you can also monitor due dates and the amounts of your trade finance transactions.

In addition, if you have a trade finance facility with a letter of credit sub-facility you can:

  • create an application for irrevocable documentary letters of credit and amend these letters of credit 
  • monitor drawings under your letters of credit 
  • approve discrepancies under import letter of credit drawings 
  • monitor due dates and payments on your export letters of credit. 

Fees and charges
  • International Trade Enabler is free to use for BOQ customers
  • Standard fees and charges will apply to the transactions processed via the system.