The right Savings and investment account for you

Whether you want high interest rates, a stable long-term investment, an online account or just a place to park your money – BOQ has you covered, with some great investment accounts to choose from.

Want to invest a lump sum?

A Premier Investment Term Account, Cash Management Account and BOQ Bonds are great solutions if you have a lump sum to invest.

Want to invest more than $5,000 and receive a high rate of interest?

Invest a larger amount and receive a higher rate of interest through the Premier Investment Term Deposit and BOQ Bonds. The Bank of Queensland Cash Management Account also delivers competitive interest rates on balances of $20,000 or more and lets you withdraw your funds at any time.

Want to invest more than $1,000 and have access to the funds?

It's easy to earn extra interest on your savings with our Bonus Interest Savings Account. Just keep your withdrawals down to no more than one a month to collect your bonus interest rate.

Want to choose the term of your investment?

If you want to choose the term for the investment of your funds take a look at the Premier Investment Term Account and BOQ Bonds.

Link to a high-interest WebSavings Account™

A BOQ WebSavings Account™ is a great online savings account option with high interest and easy access.

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