Frequently Asked Questions: Mobile Banking



What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a wireless Internet-based service that allows you to do your banking safely and conveniently with your Internet capable mobile phone or PDA. Via your Mobile phone, you can view your account balances, look up transactions, pay your bills, transfer funds, check rates, and locate the nearest ATM or branch. 


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How do I register for Mobile Banking?

Before you can access Mobile Banking you are required to register for Internet Banking. After you have registered for Internet Banking simply go to on your phone's web browser and you can get started with Mobile Banking using your existing log on details. Learn more about registering at our How to apply for Internet Banking page.


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Is there a BOQ App I can use on my phone?

BOQ Mobile is currently available in the App StoreSM for iPhone®/iPod touch®/iPad® users, and on Google Play for AndroidTM phone users.


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What operating systems are supported?

The following operating systems are supported:


  • Android: v4.1.x and above
  • iOS: v6.1.1 and above


Please note: As BOQ Mobile Banking is an Internet-based service, it will work on most operating systems that allow the user to connect to the Internet via a Mobile Web Browser.


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What is the URL (address) for Mobile Banking?

Please use "" to access the BOQ Mobile web, alternatively you can use "" to go directly to Mobile Banking.


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How much does Mobile Banking cost?

There are no additional BOQ charges for using the Mobile Banking service other than the standard Internet Banking fees and charges which can be found at Personal Banking Guide to Fees and Charges (PDF 403KB) or Business Banking Guide to Fees and Charges (PDF 1,621KB).


Please note: It is suggested that you familiarise yourself with your current data plan from your mobile service provider.


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Is it safe to use my mobile for Internet Banking?

All Internet capable mobile phones that have 128 bit security enabled in their browser will be able to access Mobile Banking utilising the same level of security as Internet Banking on a PC or Mac. BOQ's application firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and other infrastructure are among the best in their class, equally applying security controls across both phone or computer-based Internet banking sessions. 


Additionally for customers who have opted for daily Pay Anyone limit of $10,000 and above are required to use the BOQ Security Token. This counters fraud by requiring an additional, independent authentication factor during funds transfers, without relying on SMS messages delivered via the mobile phone itself.  


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Is Internet Banking on my phone going to be slow?

No. To counter the problem of having to download a large amount of content as seen on our Internet Banking site, Mobile Banking will operate by sending very small packets of data at a time to ensure the quickest possible mobile experience.


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Why can't I connect to the Internet on my mobile phone?

If you are unable to access the internet through your mobile phone you should contact your mobile phone provider or the manufacturer's technical support.


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Why do I keep getting taken back to the sign in screen when I enter my sign in details?

If you are entering your sign in details and are being returned straight back to the sign in screen, please check that you have enable cookies on your mobile device. If you are unsure how to enable cookies, please consult the manual for your device.


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What happens if I have Cookies enabled?

By having cookies enabled on your phone, entering your CAN and UserId on the first sign in will enable these fields to be auto-populated on subsequent visits. This means that all you need is to enter your PAC, ensuring that your account details are still secure.


If you want to use an alternate CAN and/or UserID on subsequent visits, or to allow a third party to use your mobile phone for Mobile Banking, please ensure that you remove cookies to ensure that you will be prompted to enter the CAN and UserID information on each visit, rather than the CAN and UserID defaulting to your saved details.


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Will I need to download any additional software?

No. If you can access and browse the Internet through your phone then you can access BOQ Mobile Banking.


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Can I be logged into Internet Banking and Mobile Banking at the same time?

You cannot perform any transactions or enquiries while logged into both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.


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What happens if I get locked out of Mobile Banking?

As with Internet Banking you can request a PAC reset by contacting the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72. Note: you will need to use Internet Banking to log on with the temporary PAC and create your new permanent PAC before you can sign into Mobile Banking.


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Do I need a BOQ account to use Mobile Banking?

All Internet-capable mobile phones can access BOQ's mobile site “”, however to use Mobile Banking you must have a BOQ account with Internet Banking on your profile.


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I keep getting locked out of my account when I try and sign in on my mobile phone

As with Internet Banking your PAC is case sensitive; make sure you are entering your PAC with the correct case. If your password begins with a lower-case letter, you may need to use your phone’s ‘shift’ key to change the default from upper case. In addition, some phones require extra shift key presses to enter numbers instead of letters.


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What happens to my session if my phone locks from inactivity?

For security reasons, the Mobile Banking session will become inactive after 10 minutes of inactivity. Simply sign on again.


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I get the error message “Please navigate via the links on the webpage”. What does this mean?

The error message you see is a prompt to navigate through the Mobile Banking using the links within Mobile Banking and not to use the phone's navigation keys/actions. This has been designed as a safety measure to ensure data isn't resent or able to be accessed after a session has ended.


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If your question was not answered by these FAQs or you have other questions regarding our Internet Banking, please contact our Customer Contact Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 55 72 72 (+617 3336 2420 if you are calling from outside Australia) or send us an email