Frequently asked questions: Logging on



Why do I see a Security Alert when trying to log on to Internet Banking? 

It is important that you read all security alerts. The alert could indicate that your PC does not have the latest security patches applied to it or is attempting to access a site that is not BOQ.


Regularly visit the operating systems’ and browsers’ vendors websites (refer links below) to ensure your computer’s operating system and Internet browser are up to date. The majority of software vendors such as Microsoft, post updates to their products to correct minor defects or security flaws that could potentially affect you. 


Please note: BOQ does not receive commission from the sale of any of these products, nor do we make any recommendations, representations, guarantees or warranties about these products.


Internet Browsers: 


Operating Systems: 


To be certain you are dealing with BOQ, double-click on the padlock displayed at the bottom of your browser window and a certificate (refer to the example below) will be displayed. When viewing our online Banking certificate always ensure that:


  1. it has been ‘Issued to’
  2. the 'Issued by' section refers to
  3. the date specified is within a valid date range


 IB Security Certificate 


This shows that you are dealing with BOQ and that your Customer Access Number (CAN) and Personal Access Code (PAC) will be secure as they cross the Internet.  If the certificate details differ from this, do not login as you may not be connecting directly to the BOQ website.  If you encounter this problem, please contact us immediately.


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Why do I get error message “The details entered are invalid…” when I try to Log on to Internet Banking? 

This is due to one of the following scenarios:


  1. an incorrect Customer Access Number (CAN) and Personal Access Code (PAC) combination have been entered.  Please check you are using the correct CAN and PAC and that CAPS LOCK is not on.
  2. you attempt to log on BEFORE you receive your new PAC. When a new PAC is requested you must wait until you receive the PAC mailer dated the same date as the date of the new PAC request. Note: when a new PAC is requested, the previous PAC is stopped and can no longer be used.


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Why can’t I access Internet Banking?

If you can't access the Internet Banking log on page after clicking on the Internet Banking link from the BOQ website, the problem may be one of the following:

  • please compare your browser and browser version with those listed on the Technical Requirements page. Please ensure you are using one of the listed browsers and browser versions and it is up to date.
  • if you are using a recommended browser and browser version, the problem may be related to the browser settings being changed from the default. This can happen without your knowledge, for example you may have installed some new software such as anti-virus or firewall software. Please reset your browser settings back to the default in order for Internet Banking to work correctly.


For more information on technical requirements and browser settings, the Technical Requirements page contains copies of these defaults for all supported browser and browser version. 


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If your question was not answered by this FAQ or you have other questions regarding our Internet Banking, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72 (+617 3336 2420 if you are calling from outside Australia) or send us a email.