Frequently asked questions: balance and transaction history




How do I change the order in which my accounts are displayed on the screen?

You can set the order in which your accounts are displayed by assigning a Quick Access Number (QAN) to your accounts. To assign a QAN to your accounts, move your mouse to the 'More' menu option and then click 'SMS'. Choose the 'Quick Access Number' tab and follow the on screen instructions. The assigned accounts will be displayed in order based on the assigned QAN. For more details instructions you can view the Quick Access Numbers and SMS Banking video tutorial.


Please note: you can change the order of your accounts for the current Internet Banking session by clicking the column name. For example, clicking the 'Account Number' heading will sort the accounts numerically be their account numbers or by clicking 'Account Name' you can order your accounts based on their account name.


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How much transaction history can I view online?

The Search Transaction History function in Internet Banking enables you to search any of your registered accounts by one or more criteria.


For non-credit card accounts, Internet Banking maintains history of your transactions for up to 12 months after they were carried out.


For credit card accounts, the transaction list will display all unstatemented transactions (transactions which occurred after the date of your last statement) as well as the transactions from your last three statements. It does not include any authorised transactions that have not yet been processed. If you access the Other Card Functions via Internet Banking you can download your previous statements in PDF format for the last 12 months. If you require details of more transactions, please contact the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72.
Note: the transaction history is not an official statement and is subject to change.  For loan accounts, the entry described as FEE CAPITALISATION affects the balance of the loan account.  The entry/entries that appear immediately before this transaction describe the fees capitalised and do not affect the balance of the loan account.


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How can I view receipt numbers for previously completed transactions? 



If the transaction has been completed within the last 50 sessions in Internet Banking, the details for this session, including receipt numbers can be viewed in Internet Banking.


To get to the Session Summary details, select 'More' from the top menu of Internet Banking, followed by 'Other Services'. You will then have a number of options including 'View Session Summary'. You can then click on any of the Session ID's to view the details of that particular session.

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Why does my regular statement include the same transactions as the statement I previously requested via Internet Banking?

The statement requested via Internet Banking is a 'snapshot statement'.  It includes all transactions carried out since the previous regular statement was issued up to the date of the Internet Banking request. 


The 'snapshot statement' will not have any effect on the transactions that appear on the regular statement.  The regular statement will include all transactions carried out since the previous regular statement was issued.


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Can I export my balance and transaction history into other applications?

Yes. After you complete a Transaction History search in Internet Banking you will be presented with the option to Export All or Viewed Transaction History.  This function allows transaction information to be exported in external file formats for import into all major personal financial management applications.


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Why do I need to click 'open' twice when I am exporting my transaction history?

This is controlled by the browser and not BOQ Internet Banking.  The settings required vary based on individual customer circumstances - such as your browser settings, security settings or the version and patch level of your browser and operating system.


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Why do I not see my selected date range of transactions when I export the transactions?

Irrespective of the date range you select, you must first view all of the specified transaction history on the screen before the transactions will be included in your export.  To view all your selected transactions continue to click on the 'Next Page' button until the button is disabled (greyed out) or change the list size using the options to the top-right of the search results.


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Why can’t I export my transaction history? 

We've had reports that a number of Internet Banking customers using Internet Explorer version 7 have experienced a "Cannot download boqbl from" error when attempting to export transaction history. To correct the issue please try the following steps in Internet Explorer:


Navigate to tools, internet options and then select the advanced tab. Scroll to the security section and tick the 'do not save encrypted pages to disk' check box. Select apply, restart the browser and try exporting again.

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Can I view the running balance on my credit card transaction history?

No, you can only view running balances for all non-credit card accounts.


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Why is the running balance incorrect on my transaction history?

There is a known issue where if you specify a custom date range the running balance is calculated from zero when it should be calculated from the opening balance for the (from) day. The actual transactions are correct, if you select one of the standard options such as last week, last fortnight etc. the balance will be correct. A fix for this issue will be in place very soon. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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If your question is not answered by these FAQs or if you have other questions regarding BOQ Internet Banking, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72 (+617 3336 2420 if you are calling from outside Australia) 24 hours a day, & 7 days a week or email us.