Frequently asked questions: SMS banking services




How do I register for SMS banking?

Before you can begin using any of the SMS alert or enquiry services in Internet Banking you will need to:


  • Have a mobile phone number registered
    SMS services can only be requested and received by this mobile number.  This will be done at the branch when you register for Internet Banking.  You can check your registered number at any time via the Personal Details option on the Other Services menu within Internet Banking.
  • Have the SMS services option activated
    To turn-on the SMS services, select SMS settings on the SMS menu within Internet Banking. 


The activation process varies depending on the type of service you require.  For more detail, you can refer to the Help pages available via Internet Banking.


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What types of SMS alerts can I receive?

Once you are registered for SMS services you can choose any or all of the following alerts:

  • payments greater than a selected amount
  • new online bills have been received
  • new secure mail has been received
  • customer block alert
  • error messages for SMS related errors
  • delegated user alerts (numerous alerts available)
  • notification of limit increase requests


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What types of SMS enquiries can I make?

Once you are registered for SMS services you can request the following at any time:

  • current balance of a nominated account.
  • the last 5 transactions on a nominated account.


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Can I receive alerts from more than one mobile phone?

No. SMS services must be requested and received by the mobile phone that is registered for your Internet Banking profile. 


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What number should I use for SMS enquiries?

To request information about your accounts you can send an SMS to the BOQ SMS Services number 042 745 7272 with an action code and the Quick Access Number (QAN) you have allocated to your account. The action codes to use are as follows:


  • BAL QAN#  = the available balance of the requested Account.
  • TXN QAN# = the last 5 transactions for the requested Account (most recent first)


For example, to request the balance of the account you have associated to QAN1, you would SMS BAL 1 to 042 745 7272.


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Does BOQ charge for the use of SMS banking services?

BOQ does not charge for the use of its SMS banking services. If you use the SMS enquiry function you may be charged by your mobile phone provider for any messages sent or received by your phone. Please contact your mobile phone provider for details of their charges.


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If your question is not answered by these FAQs or you have other questions regarding BOQ Internet Banking, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72  (+617 3336 2420 if you are calling from outside Australia) or email us.