Business features

Internet Banking is a great tool for businesses.  It takes the hassle out of paying your employees and keeping records of all your transactions.


Multi Payments

You can use Multi Payments to make up to 100 payments in one request.  This is ideal for payroll payments. You can also save the details of regular payees. 


Before you can use this service you need to choose your Daily Limits Package (if you haven't already chosen one).  Multi Payments will be subject to your daily Pay Anyone limit.  You can make a Multi Payment from a nominated account or your credit card.  A credit card payment will be treated as a cash advance.


Direct Debits

Once registered as a Debit Payment user you will be able to create, save and edit a group of Direct Debits online.  This feature is ideal for collecting gym subscriptions as an example.  You are also able to save a list of payers for future use.


Payments File Upload

The Payments File Upload Facility is a fast and easy way to process your direct debits, subscriptions, salaries, wages and other credits direct to your employees’ (or other recipients) accounts anywhere in Australia.  Use your own accounting package to create a file of payments, then transmit the file to us using Internet Banking.


Apply for Payments File Upload Facility (PFUF):

  • To process direct credits via the Payments File Upload Facility please complete the Payments File Upload Facility Application (PDF 707KB).  To process direct debits you will need to complete the Debit User Pack (PDF 229KB).  If you want to process both direct credits and direct debits please complete both forms. Then take the completed form(s) to your local BOQ branch or Business Banking Centre.


Daily Limits package for BPAY® and Pay Anyone payments

When you register for Internet Banking you will be offered a number of daily limits packages to choose from.  These will define the daily transaction amount limit for Pay Anyone payments (including Multi Payments) and BPAY transactions via Internet Banking. 

Your Daily Limits Package can be set or changed by the branch and be effective immediately.  You can also choose or change your limits package online.  Any decreases requested online are immediate and increases will automatically be applied after 2 calendar days.


Extra online security using the BOQ Security Token

Protecting the integrity of our customers’ financial information is our top priority, so we have introduced a superior level of online security using the BOQ Security Token.


The BOQ Security Token is a small electronic device which generates a password that continually changes – this ensures maximum protection for your transactions.


The BOQ Security Token will be provided to Internet Banking customers that have a daily Pay Anyone limit of $10,000 or greater.  Note: all Payments File Upload Facility (PFUF) users must use the BOQ Security Token irrespective of their daily limit.


SMS banking services

You can register to receive SMS banking alerts and/or SMS account enquiries. SMSs will be sent to the mobile number you nominate in your Enhanced Internet Banking profile.


  • SMS enquiries – allows you to request balances for accounts listed on your profile or view a list of the last 5 transactions for a specified account. Request and response are via SMS.
  • SMS Alerts – allows you to elect to receive alerts (from a predefined list) to let you know when a specific event has occurred (e.g. Internet Banking transactions greater than an amount specified by you has been made from one of your accounts)


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Multi user transaction authorisation and privilege delegation

Using the multiple account user and privilege delegation features you can enforce dual or multiple authorisations for transactions.  For example, the accounts clerk could create the payroll template with the actual payment being authorised by the payroll manager.


Related Account Access

The Related Account Access feature can be used to authorise a person who is a signatory on the business account (and who has individual operating authority), to access the business account using his or her personal Internet banking profile. This avoids the need for the signatory to use two separate Customer Access Numbers and Personal Access Codes to access the personal account and the business account. Additionally, funds can be transferred to and from the personal and business accounts as funds transfers instead of Pay Anyone Payments.


In order to be eligible for Related Account Access the following conditions must be met:

  • the person who is given access to the account must be a signatory on the account 
  • the account holder must apply for the person to have access to the account


Related Account Access in practice:

ABC Pty Ltd has two directors and the company accounts have an “either to sign” operating authority. Additionally, both directors have personal accounts with BOQ and Internet Banking access for those personal accounts.  ABC Pty Ltd can apply for Related Account Access and allow both directors to access the company accounts from their personal Internet Banking profiles.  Each director will need to use his or her own Customer Access Number and Personal Access Code to access the company’s accounts.


Apply for Related Account Access:

  1. The account holder needs to complete the Related Account Access Application (PDF 500KB)
  2. Take the completed form to your local BOQ branch or Business Banking Centre for processing. 

It should be noted that:

  • a separate application is required for each related account user
  • the user’s personal Pay Anyone payment limits and access restrictions apply


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