What do I need to satisfy Customer Identification Requirements?

Under current government legislation, customers of financial institutions need to satisfy Customer Identification Requirements when opening an account.  To assist you with identifying the types of documentation that are acceptable, please see a summary of some of the forms of documentation that may assist you below.  Remember, the branch must sight original documents.  The Bank of Queensland reserves the right to require further proof of identity even if ALL the necessary identification documents are presented.


To identify and verify your identity one of the following document combinations must be held (photocopies of original current documents) and verified as originals in your branch:

  • Two (2) A documents (A+A); or
  • One (1) A document AND one (1) B document (A+B); or
  • One (1) A document AND one (1) C document (A+C); or
  • Two (2) B documents (B+B); or
  • One (1) B document AND two (2) C documents (B+C+C)
  • One (1) D document for Special Cases Only


Please select your documents from the different categories in the following table. Remember that the branch must sight the original documents and all documents presented must be in the same name.



A  Documents (Primary Photographic)
  • Licence or permit issued for the purpose of driving a vehicle
  • Passport issued by the Commonwealth
  • Passport or similar document issued for international travel that contains a photograph & signature
  • A card issued for the purpose of proving the persons age (18+ card)
B  Documents (Primary Non-Photographic)
  • Birth certificate or birth extract
  • Citizenship certificate issued by the Commonwealth
  • Pension card or health care card issued by Centrelink that entitles financial benefits
C  Documents (Secondary)
  • Medicare card (Australian government issued)
  • Debit or credit card (1 per institution)
  • Student photo identification card (issued by an Australian Tertiary Education Institution)
  • Government or utilities service provisions (< 3 months)
  • School Principal Letter (< 3 months)
  • Government notice of financial benefit (< 2 months)
  • Bank statements (records for 12 months or more)
  • Rental agreement (residential or business premises)
  • Blue card - issued by Commission for Young People and Child Guardian (CYPCG)
  • Land titles office records
  • Firearms Licence
  • Defence Force identification card
  • Gaming licence (Australian Government issued)
  • Government notice of tax debt (< 2 months)
  • MINORS - Student photo identification card (issued by an Australian Primary/Secondary school. Must include name, DOB or address to be acceptable)


What can I do if I can’t satisfy Customer Identification Requirements?

If you do not have suitable documentation to complete the Customer Identification requirements then you should contact our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72 or your nearest branch.


For deposit products a Certified Copies Form is able to be used where it is inconvenient to attend a branch.  This form is available by application only. Follow these steps to complete the form:

1. Choose an Acceptable Certifier from the ‘Permissible Certifier Categories’  list on page two of the Certified Copies form. Please make sure you carefully read the ‘Permissible Certifier Categories’ list before selecting an Acceptable Certifier.

2. You must provide the Bank with certified copies of specific identification documents per the above table. The acceptable combinations are as follows:

  • Two (2) A documents (A+A) or
  • One (1) A document AND one (1) B document (A+B) or
  • One (1) A document AND one (1) C document (A+C) or
  • Two (2) B documents (B+B) or
  • One (1) B document AND two (2) C documents (B+C+C)

3. Select your primary and secondary identification verification documents from categories A,B and C.

4. You will need to make copies of each of the identification documents you choose and take both the originals and the copies to your Acceptable Certifier. 

5. Your Acceptable Certifier will be required to complete the ‘Certifier Checklist’ on page 2 of the form. Please note that the  Acceptable Certifier must sign the copy of the original identification used.

6. Send your completed form along with the signed copies of your identification to:

Bank of Queensland
Reply Paid 898
Online Applications – <nominated> Branch
Brisbane      QLD  4001


If your question was not answered by this FAQ please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72.