Bank of Queensland Savings & Investment Bonds

Bank of Queensland Investment and Savings Bonds are fixed term deposits which pay a competitive rate of interest. You can choose from a range of lodgement terms and interest payment periods to best suit your investment needs.


Features and benefits

  • competitive interest rates
  • interest rate fixed for the term of the investment
  • minimum investment amount $5,000
  • no maintenance or transaction fees on this fixed term deposit
  • choice of term from 30 days up to five years
  • interest calculated daily and paid quarterly or yearly
  • interest paid directly to your bank account
  • acknowledgment of Investment and Maturity Advices provided free on all Savings Bonds and Investment Bonds


Selling Bank of Queensland Bonds before maturity

You may not withdraw funds from your investment in Bank of Queensland Bonds until maturity. However, if you need funds prior to maturity you may sell your Bank of Queensland Bonds in the secondary market for the current market price at the time of sale. Your stockbroker or financial advisor will assist you in selling your Bank of Queensland Bonds.

Interest rates

Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly or yearly on Savings Bonds and Investment Bonds.


Interest rates for fixed term deposits starting from 30 days to 180 days are available from the Bond Registry. For details of investment amounts over $250,000 please contact the Bond Registry. All interest rates are subject to change without notice.


Bank of Queensland Bonds rates are available on the Today's rates page. 

How to apply

Bank of Queensland Savings and Investment Bonds are available to individual and joint investors including partnerships, companies and other incorporated bodies and trusts. Once your investment is accepted we will forward you an acknowledgment confirming the details of your investment within 14 days of the lodgement.  Download and complete the application form (PDF 413kb) and drop into your nearest branch.


Important Information

  • Please view the terms and conditions listed below on the Terms and Conditions page:
  • Bank of Queensland Bonds Product Disclosure Statement 
  • Personal Banking Guide to Fees and Charges