_OBSOLETE_ Easy Investment Account


This information is for existing account holders only.


Features and benefits

  • earn competitive interest rates
  • start with a minimum investment amount of just $1,000
  • no account maintenance or transaction fees
  • make additional deposits, minimum $100, anytime – in-branch, or by Internet Banking or EasyPhone Banking
  • withdraw funds- a minimum of $1,000 (in-branch)
  • no early withdrawal fees (although interest adjustment may apply)
  • wide choice of terms, starting from 28 days up to five years
  • choose how and when you receive your interest payments
  • easy reinvestment, with automatic rollover at maturity for your choice of term
  • use Internet Banking or EasyPhone Banking to check your balance and transaction history and transfer funds from your investment

Interest rates

Our Easy Investment Account attracts competitive rates. It is calculated on daily balances and is then credited to your account in line with your payment instructions. The flexibility to deposit and withdraw from your Easy Investment Account means that interest rates are lower than our fixed term Premier Investment Account. Rates are updated regularly to ensure healthy returns on your investment.


Current Interest rates are available on the Today's rates page. 

  • All rates quoted are per annum.
  • Minimum investment amount and account balance is $1,000.
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid at the end of the investment term or, in the case of investments longer than 12 months, paid annually.
  • If you choose to receive your interest payments on a monthly basis, the applicable interest rates will be 0.25%p.a. This is less than the end of term interest rate quoted above, excluding rates for one month or less which are as quoted in the table above.
  • Additional deposits of at least $100 can be made to Easy Investment Accounts. The interest rate that will apply to any additional deposit will be the rate stated above for the amount of the additional deposit, and for the remaining term of the account.
  • Withdrawals of at least $1,000 can be made from your Easy Investment Account. If you withdraw your funds before the end of your investment term, an interest adjustment will apply and you will sacrifice some of the interest that you would have received.


Choose how you receive your interest

You have the choice of when interest is paid – either monthly or at the end of each term (yearly when you invest for 12 months or longer). How you receive your interest payments is also up to you. You can choose to:

  • reinvest your interest payments; or arrange direct payment to another Bank of Queensland account.


Easy reinvestment

Your investment will automatically rollover at the end of the investment term (unless you’ve given us other instructions). You can choose the new lodgement term in advance. If you prefer, we’ll notify you before your investment matures so you can make your choice based on current interest rates. 

How to apply

Apply for an Easy Investment Account by finding out what information we need from you to open an account and then visit a branch or call us on 1300 55 72 72.


Important information

Please view the terms and conditions listed below on the Terms and Conditions page:

  • Personal Banking Guide to Fees and Charges
  • Deposit Products Terms and Conditions