Financial calendar

Here are the important dates for BOQ Ordinary shares and Convertible Preference Shares.



Ordinary shares (BOQ)*


Financial half year end28 February 2017
Half year results and interim dividend announcement30 March 2017
Ex-dividend date (interim dividend)20 April 2017
Interim dividend record date21 April 2017
Last election date for Interim Dividend Reinvestment Plan Participation24 April 2017
Interim dividend payment date17 May 2017
Financial full year end31 August 2017
Full year results and final dividend announcement12 October 2017
Ex-dividend date (final dividend)2 November 2017
Final dividend record date3 November 2017
Last election date for Final Dividend Reinvestment Plan Participation6 November 2017
Final dividend payment date23 November 2017
Annual General Meeting30 November 2017




Convertible Preference Shares (ASX code: BOQPD)*


Ex-dividend date (interim dividend)29 March 2017
Interim dividend record date30 March 2017
Interim dividend payment date18 April 2017

Ex-dividend date (final dividend)

27 September 2017

Final dividend record date

28 September 2017

Final dividend payment date

16 October 2017




 * Dates are subject to change