BOQ Term Deposits - Premier Investment

Watch your money grow with our competitive term deposit account

Make the most of your savings with our term deposit account, rewarding you with higher interest if you deposit more than $5,000. The longer you lock in your funds, the greater return you'll receive.


With our Premier Investment Account, you'll have greater control over your investment, with the choice of terms, investment amount (minimum $1000) and interest payment options. 


With no account maintenance fees and a fixed term interest rate, why not deposit your savings into a term deposit account and watch it grow? 


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Features and Benefits

Feature 1

Competitive term deposit interest rates

Feature 2

Low minimum investment amount of $1000

Feature 3

No account keeping or transaction fees

Feature 4

Choose the length of your term

Feature 5

Choose how and when you receive interest payments

Feature 6

Use internet or mobile banking to check your balance

  • Easy reinvestment, with automatic rollover at maturity for your choice of term
  • Make deposits and withdrawals to your account during the 7 day renewal grace period, day 1 is the maturity date
  • Reinvest your interest payments or transfer your interest to another bank account
  • Access your funds prior to maturity by simply providing 31 days prior notice to redeem your account early (an interest adjustment and early payout fee apply).


Term Deposit Interest Rates

Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance of your account and paid monthly or end of term back into your BOQ term deposit account, or into another account in line with you payment instructions. If you choose a term greater than 12 months, we will pay you interest annually and at the end of the term. Rates are updated regularly to ensure healthy returns on your investment.



Apply today

For a quick, easy online application, make sure you know the amount you are looking to invest and your maturity instructions, including details of the account you want the funds paying into at maturity.

Existing BOQ Internet Banking users can request a new Premier Investment Account (BOQ term deposit) from within Internet Banking. Alternatively, you can apply online for a Premier Investment Account, visit your nearest branch or call us and we can talk you through it.


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Important information

  • You must provide 31 days notice for early withdrawal or termination before your fixed term Deposit Account matures.
  • Rates quoted for term of less than 1 month apply to both end of term and monthly interest payment options. All other rates quoted apply only if end of term interest payment is chosen. For monthly interest payments, the applicable interest rate will be the rate quoted above less 0.25% p.a.
  • Term of less than 1 month is available only on reinvestment of funds.
  • Further bonus offers, specials or package rates do not apply to rates denoted with “*”.
  • Minimum investment amount and account balance is $1,000
  • Home Loan Privileges Package customers who invest between $25,000 and $250,000 can receive bonus interest of 0.25% p.a. in addition to the rates quoted above (excludes rates denoted with “*”).
  • Eligible BOQ shareholders who invest between $25,000 and $250,000 can receive 0.25% p.a. bonus interest in addition to the rates quoted above (excludes rates denoted with “*”).

Please view the Terms and Conditions listed below: 


Term Deposit Financial Hardship Assistance 

If you are concerned or worried about your financial position and feel that you are struggling to meet your financial commitments and would like access to your term deposit funds before the account maturity date, then we might be able to help. For further information, please refer to Financial Hardship Assistance.