Owner Occupied Home loan interest rates - new loans only



 Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, buy your next home, refinance an existing loan or invest in property, BOQ has a wide range of loan products to suit your needs.


Rates quoted are for Owner Occupied borrowing only. Investment rates can be found here. 


Economy Variable Rate Home Loan1

Our Economy Variable Rate Home Loan gives you the flexibility you're looking for with free redraw and a choice of repayment options, all on a low interest rate.



Interest Rate % p.a.Comparison Rate % p.a.
Economy Variable Home Loan3.894.04



Clear Path Variable Rate Home Loan1

The Clear Path Variable Home Loan is a fully featured home loan with competitive variable interest rates.  

ProductInterest Rate % p.a.Comparison Rate % p.a.
Clear Path Variable Rate Home Loan4.324.45


Clear Path Line of Credit1

 Our Clear Path Line of Credit is a flexible facility that allows you to draw on your available credit as often as you like without having to reapply.  



Interest Rate % p.a.             

Clear Path Line of Credit4.65



Home Loan Privileges Package2


 Loan amount and LVR   Interest Rate % p.a.Comparison Rate % p.a. 
 Discount Variable Rate Home Loan3   
 $1,000,000 and over

and up to 80% LVR

 3.94 for first 2 years

then 4.20





Loan amount

Package discount
% p.a.

Package interest rate
% p.a.

Comparison rate % p.a. 

 Standard Variable Home Loan

$150,000 to less than $250,000




$250,000 to less than $1,000,000




$1,000,000 and over




Line of Credit Facility 

$150,000 to less than $250,000

$250,000 to less than $1,000,0001.005.44n/a
$1,000,000 and over1.055.39n/a
Fixed Rate Home Loans
1 year0.004.395.30
2 years0.004.195.21
3 years0.004.295.18

3 year fixed discount rate*

(minimum $150k lending)

0.003.79 (0.50% p.a. discount)5.04
4 years0.004.145.07
5 years0.004.295.08


First-start Home Loan

The First-Start Home Loan offers a great discount on our Standard Variable Rate for the first 12 months to help you purchase your first home (then reverts to the standard variable rates).


First-Start Home Loan
Interest rate % p.a.Comparison rate % p.a.


Standard Variable Rate Home Loan

 Variable Rate Home Loans 
ProductInterest rate % p.a.Comparison rate % p.a.
Standard Variable Rate Home Loan5.465.62
Line of Credit Facility6.44n/a
Bridging Finance6.44n/a


Standard Fixed Rate Home Loan

Fixed Rate Home Loans
TermInterest rate % p.a.Comparison rate % p.a.
1 year4.395.50
2 years4.195.37
3 years4.295.29

3 year fixed discount rate*

(minimum $150k lending)

3.79 (0.50% p.a. discount)4.33
4 years4.145.15
5 years4.295.11


Low Doc Variable Rate Home Loan

 Variable Rate Home Loans
ProductInterest rate % p.a.Comparison rate % p.a.
Low Doc Home Loan6.716.90
Low Doc Line of Credit7.59n/a


Low Doc Fixed Rate Home Loan

Fixed Rate Home Loans
TermInterest rate % p.a.Comparison rate % p.a.
1 year5.906.82
2 years5.846.73
3 years5.546.57
4 years5.846.58
5 years5.846.52



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