Savings Account Interest Rates


WebSavings Account ®

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Interest rate % p.a. 

$0 to less than $1,999 

Interest rate % p.a. 

$2,000 and over1 

WebSavings Account0.01 1.45
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WebSavings Account

(Accounts opened from 19/09/16)



Bonus Interest Savings Account (and Kids Savings Account)

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Base interest rate 

% p.a. 

Base and bonus interest rate3 

% p.a. 

$1 to $4,9990.80 2.20
$5,000 to $49,9990.802.20
$50,000 and over0.80 2.20


Money Market Deposit Account4 (for BOQ Trading customers)


Interest rate  

% p.a. 

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$1 and over



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Interest rates are subject to change at any time and are calculated daily and paid monthly. This information is for general information purposes only. 


Balances greater than $5,000,000 held in the same name are subject to approval. Additional interest only applies to account balances of $2,000 or more and is not available to existing customers of the Bank whether or not they hold a WebSavings Account. After 4 months from the account opening date, the interest rate will revert to the standard WebSavings Account interest rate.  

Rate includes additional interest of 1.20% p.a. which will be paid for 4 months from account opening date – applies only for new customers who open an account on or after 19 September 2016.   

Bonus interest will be paid in addition to the base rate if no more than one (1) withdrawal is made during a calendar month. 

BOQ Money Market Deposit Accounts are administered by DDH Graham Limited's Money Market Division.