Verified by Visa


Verified by Visa is a free service that provides you with extra protection and security when you use your BOQ Visa Debit Card to purchase from participating online retailers. 


When shopping online with a Verified by Visa retailer, we will assess the security of the transaction and where we determine there is a potential risk, you will be requested to provide additional information to confirm the transaction is genuine. The questions we will ask will be personal information we hold about you.


BOQ will automatically enroll your card into the Verified by Visa service, so you don't need to register online or create specific passwords for the service.  This means you get the added security of knowing your card is being protected by Verified by Visa without the hassle of remembering or resetting passwords. 


When you make a purchase at a participating online retailer, you may notice a new page displays prior to the transaction completing.  This is your assurance that the transaction is being protected with Verified by Visa.


There are 3 screens that could display when processing a Verified by Visa transaction depending on any additional authentication requirements for the transaction to process.


Additional Information

Participating Online Retailers 

You can find details of participating online retailers by visiting Visa’s website link for Secured Online Shopping Information