The Rename Account screen allows you to rename any of your registered accounts. This may be useful where you have multiple accounts of the same account type and want to easily distinguish between your accounts. 

The name you create here is only displayed within Internet Banking and will not appear on your statements. 

To rename an account:

  1. Click Rename on the Accounts Details screen for the relevant account.
  2. The Rename Account screen will open.
  3. Confirm the account is the one you wish to change by checking the Account Number - this is only shown to help identify the account and cannot be changed.
  4. Type the required name in the Account Name field. Your new account name cannot be more than 34 characters long.

Actions available:

Button Action 
Update Change the name of this account to the account name you have entered
Reset to default Ignore any changes made and revert back to the original account name
Cancel Cancel the name change and return to the Home screen

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