If your Internet Banking profile requires multiple authorisations (similar to the use of multiple signatories on offline accounts), some requests and transactions may require further authorisation before they are complete. 

Depending on the configuration of your profile, this may include transfers, payments and /or requests to create new Delegated Users. 

If you are an Authoriser, any pending authorisations will appear in the Alerts and Inbox area on the Home screen. 

To authorise a transaction: 

  1. Click on the Pending Authorisations link for pending authorisations in the Alerts and Inbox area on the Home screen.
  2. The Authorisations screen will display.
  3. Click Show next to the category of transaction you wish to authorise - this could be:
    1. Transfers and Payments
    2. BPAYs
    3. Multi Payments
    4. Limits Package Changes
    5. Delegated User Requests
    6. Uploaded Payment Files
    7. Direct Debits 
  4. Click on the Name of the Payment and then click View
  5. The Transaction Authorisation screen will display. This screen outlines the details of the request - these details will vary depending on the type of approval requested. You should review all of these details carefully before you proceed.

Actions available:

Button Action 
Approve  Approve this request
Decline Decline this request authorisation request - you will need to include a reason in the field provided
Cancel Return to the Authorisations screen

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